J.P.’s Holiday Spirit

On September 1, John Piersol McCaskey’s great-granddaughter Kay McCaskey Adelman visited McCaskey High School bearing an important family heirloom: the Loving Cup, which belonged to J.P. himself. “Loving Cup” is not a term we often hear in the 21st Century. It refers to a large decorative chalice with two or three handles that is used for communal drinking or given as a meaningful keepsake. In … Continue reading J.P.’s Holiday Spirit

Please Report to Your Homeroom

When graduates of the McCaskey Campus return to their alma mater after many years, the word “homeroom” is usually mentioned. Either they request to see that particular subset of McCaskey East or J.P. that they reported to every morning when the first bell rang, or, out of the blue, they become excited when they turn down a particular hallway: “I think this was my homeroom!” … Continue reading Please Report to Your Homeroom

Keep calm and go to your high school reunion

As the world said goodbye to 2015, the McCaskey High School Class of 2000 organized and pulled off a reunion, which was held at Annie Bailey’s Irish Pub. It was a whirlwind, last-minute endeavor, but ended up being a whole lot of fun. It was appropriate that the following day I happened to watch a hilariously excruciating comedy with Jack Black called The D Train … Continue reading Keep calm and go to your high school reunion

Education is the Foundation

Have you been trying to think of a way to give back to McCaskey? I have two words for you: Extraordinary Give. As Friday, November 20th approaches, you will likely feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity of causes that drive you to extragive.org to make a minimum contribution of $25. Lancaster’s largest day of online giving testifies to the fortunate abundance of the county’s resources for the … Continue reading Education is the Foundation

McCaskey Alumni Businesses

A’ La Carte Real Estate Services Angelo’s Soccer Building Character Captain Gus Steak Shop Catering by Christina Characters Gastropub Cooper Printing Debord-Snyder Funeral Home Doctors Eichenlaub and May Drogaris Companies Gargano’s Going and Plank Gravenor Home for Funerals, Inc. Hagelgans & Veronis Innovative Performance Repair/Gerz Radiator Kegel Kelin Almy & Lord LLP Kegel’s Produce Kid’s Cowboy Pediatric Dentistry Loeffler Financial Group Lombardo’s Italian American Restaurant … Continue reading McCaskey Alumni Businesses

Tornado Season

In the opening scene of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, mariners try desperately to prevent a shipwreck. “Keep your cabins,” one of them tells the hapless passengers who have come up from below the deck. “You do assist the storm!” If Shakespeare had written The Tempest in 2015, his passengers would surely have taken out their camera phones. Those of us selling McCaskey ball caps at … Continue reading Tornado Season

Keep McCaskey Weird

The literal Latin translation of “alumni” is “foster children.” While the foster child enters a new and different environment that can never fully replace a permanent home, that environment can be no less nurturing and provide a fresh start for those who need it. One would hope this describes every foster home, and that every foster child comes to the table receptive to its bounty. … Continue reading Keep McCaskey Weird

“Continuous Learning” by Jeremiah Miller, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs

The last thing on most McCaskey students’ minds right now is 445 N. Reservoir Street. A month ago, its walls echoed with agile sneakers and voices alive with anticipation of summer. Today it is quiet. This is the McCaskey at which I began work a couple of weeks ago when I took up the post of Coordinator of Alumni Affairs. And yet I’ve been coming … Continue reading “Continuous Learning” by Jeremiah Miller, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs